This section brings together all those who have a deep love for nature and adventure. The members of the Board do not feel comfortable when the road is wide and paved, full gas tank and the wonderful weather. They believe in the motto: “The 2CV is not just a lifestyle, it’s a way of escape.”

They want to reach their cars and themselves to the limits of endurance and beyond them, sometimes. Organized so special trips – trips with limited participation (4.3 cars) when weather conditions are (a) appropriate. The equipment are all necessary:

  • Tools and spare parts
  • Χάρτες και πυξίδες
  • Snow chains, lights, CB
  • Additional spare tires, belts
  • Isothermal sleeping bags and tents
  • Dry food, spirits, etc.

Cars and drivers should be in very good condition (at least when they leave). The tours are mostly in the winter (Christmas), wild Greek mountains, the parties held every summer the Rally Acropolis.