Dear members ,
Our club is for many years a member of the Federation and naturalistic hiking clubs and each year we participate with our delegation in the cake cutting (attached circular – call ) .
This year the Board Federation decided to make the cake cutting and tree planting in mountain Hymettus at ” Koutalas .” Our club will participate in this beautiful event with all members and their cars who want to come to participate in this action and then do a very nice walk with food on Hymettus .
We will meet Sunday at 10:30 am at the entrance of the Military Hospital of Aviation 251 ( 2nd in series at the anode current Mesogheion ) and will depart with the guidance of Vana Seferiadou to visit with our cars position ” Koutalas ” to participate in tree planting and the cake cutting .
We believe that it is a very nice event and our club will participate in and present with members in an ecological energy in need Mount Hymettus to the devastating fires that have occurred in recent years .
In case of inclement weather (rain ) the event will be postponed .
On behalf of the Board