Technical assistance to members could be missing from a Club Car. Jurisdiction of the Technical Board is what is related to the mechanical parts of our car and informing members about the possibilities and peculiarities. Staffed by members who are qualified by engineers CITROEN, up ordinary lovers Smudge, who have acquired over the years many experiences and share them with others.


The main task of the Department is to organize technical seminars with specific topic each time to learn to properly maintain your car, we can make good use of their systems and be trained to solve our own problems that will happen to us occur. They have become the Club the following seminars:

  • Winter preparation
  • Summer preparation
  • Brakes
  • Driving in snow and mud
  • Feed system
  • Electrical system
  • Contingencies lesions


Activity of the department is the publication in the journal «2CV Forever” technical articles on topics of interest to many members. So find all the information they need to be able to repair and maintain themselves in the 2CV. Since the problems of wipers, as the change of engine, in every issue there is an article in “Technical Page.”

Also, in the library of the Club gathered technical articles on the 2CV by Greek and foreign press. A major goal is to gather and translate articles, technical instructions and any information about the 2CV, a version of the club – is offered to members and friends.


Τhe Board and many friends have worked on the issue of discounts and offers products and services to members, from businesses related to our car. Thus, we have succeeded at times substantial discounts on new and used parts, tires, accessories, oils, garages etc.


The department has been involved with the organization and staffing of the team that supported a CITROEN AX SPORT, which ran in two consecutive national championships Racing, in the category of single type. The team competed deservedly other professional groups, and our participation was distinguished by the colors of the club on the hood and the State Costas Tournaviti racing driver at the wheel.


  • Inventing and building electronic ignition system
  • Patent for converting the 2CV in bed
  • Conversions in simple 2CV 4×4 and «SAHARA» (with 2 motors)
  • Position engine VISA and GS in 2CV
  • Construction 2CV-CROSS (aid box, Roll-bars, etc.)
  • (even) the construction of 2CV parts …