Although 2CV friends are not fans of speed, one of the first departments created in our Club , is the Militant . The races have been held to date, there is of course racing . They adapt to the opportunities it gives us our car and particularly to the fun for those involved . Thus , erected from simple games , such as spaghetti contest , to very serious events such as tournaments POP CROSS, which was integrated into the official program of the National Sports Commission .
Below mentioned briefly the races organized by the club , and others , those were enough members.

  • “Blind man’s buff” (ropes, Helicon, Kallidromo, Scotina)
  • Three games of skill (Lycabettus, Agios Kosmas)
  • Join the Club racing skill (Tower, Corinth)
  • Two leagues POP CROSS (Chalkida, Tanagra)
  • Join the 2CV CROSS in circuit «MEMORIAL NINO» (Chalkida, Anavyssos) and racing auto-cross (Kozani, minor)
  • Six races navigation (Attica, Boeotia, Euboea)
  • Join the Club to “Treasure Hunt” of the Municipality of Kifissia
  • Join with Citroen AX Sport National Championships Racing (Tripoli) and the National Rally Championship
  • RALLY ACROPOLIS (spectator)

The activity of the department declined in recent years, especially in the games undergoing great suffering our cars (POP CROSS tournament will once again become). The reason is the cessation of production of the 2CV CITROEN 1990. The parts will become a scarce commodity and ‘Mace want to keep the myth alive as much as possible.