The most attractive and popular part of the club . Here Gets meaningful slogan : “The 2CV is not just a car , it’s a way of life”

Stress and problems of city life , make us all to seek the opportunity to escape to nature . Besides , we all have a great love for the environment and we want to be as often as possible near the natural beauty of our country . And Greece offers us this possibility , with quiet beaches , wild forests and mountains . Summer with our tents on the sand in winter to mountain refuges and hostels , seek the joy of being with friends who have similar interests .

From 1986 until today , there have been hundreds of trips , large and small, that are difficult to remember them all and the record . Usually organized two-day and three-day trips , each time the holiday weekend crashes with small, daily walks on Sundays , a “one tank of petrol”

Two-day and three-day excursions

Langadia and Parnon, Arcadia
Gythion and Taygetos, Laconia
Porto Heli and Epidaurus, Argolis
Zagoria, Ioannina
Kallidromos Stilida, Fthiotida
Plastiras Lake, Karditsa
Pertoyli, Trikala
Krikello and Karpenissi Evritania
Volos and Pelion
Pyrgos, Elis
Lake, Karystos Hiliadou, Evia
Feneos, Corinthia
Prespa, Florina
Vardousia Phokis
Nafpaktos and Evinos, Etolokanionias


The department also organizes every year in June, the National Meeting of Friends 2CV, bringing together friends from all over Greece and lasts 2-3 days. They have done the following eight National Meeting:

Year Location Main event
1990 Camping «Kaparelis», Itea, Fokida First meeting, 14 2CV
1991 EOS Shelter, Kallidromo, Fthiotida 2CV CROSS show
1992 Plateau St. Anna, Helicon, Boeotia Race-play “blind man’s buff”
1993 Camping «Interstate», Stylida, Fthiotida Games at sea and beach
1994 Camping «Vrachos», Meteora, Trikala Slow driving contest
1995 Camping «Ag. Anna», North Evoia Race-navigation treasure hunt
1996 Camping “Olympus” Scotina, Pieria “Marriage 2CV” – Club Thessaloniki
1997 Περτουλιώτικα λιβάδια, Περτούλι, Τρίκαλα Barbecue Ολυμπιακών διαστάσεων
1998 Camping «Όλυμπος», Σκοτίνα, Πιερία Rehearsal “generale” for the 13th World Meeting of 2cv held there next year
1999 Camping “Olympus” Scotina, Pieria The best meeting of the century there was
2000 EOS Shelter, Kallidromo, Fthiotida Cold, rain and many contingencies
2001 Camping «Interstate», Stylida, Fthiotida Game speed with reverse
2002 Camping Sykia Pelion Party
2003 Camping Philoxenia Meteora Slides
2004 Camping Venezouela Kammena Vourla Game “sausage”
2005 Camping Venezouela Kammena Vourla Relay Play with wheels 2cv
2006 Camping Pefki North Evoia Party


The Club participates since 1989 in the International Meetings of Friends 2CV, made ​​every two years in a different country.

Ετος Χώρα Number of cars
1989 France 8
1991 Switzerland 9
1993 Finland 8
1995 Slovenia 17
1997 Netherlands 34
1999 Greece 1620
2001 Austria 52
2003 Italy 46
2005 Scotland 12

Participants in the Global Meetings voting by proxy, country who want to become the one after that meeting. In 1995 in Slovenia, Greece claimed and solemnly undertook to organize the

13th International Meeting of Friends 2CV,
done in our country, in the summer of 1999, in Pieria in Scotina camping “Olympus”.

For long trips, where usually there are two people in each car have been devised by many members various constructions that convert 2CV our motorhomes. By removing the rear seat and adding Case holder creates room to sleep two adults, about 1,20 x 1,90 meters. Mattresses and curtains complement the equipment so you can park and sleep anywhere, even if prohibited camping.

Most members of the Club have supplied their cars and CB, which facilitates communication in our travels and coordinate the convoy on tours. The first sets the pace, the latter is the “broom” (the crew in case of a problem) and passers smiling greet us and try to measure the “ugly duckling” that pass in front of the strut.

The Adventure Section is planning the excursion program for the next two months and publish it on the bulletin board of the Club and in our magazine «2CV Forever”, and in our website page (NEW) with our new announcements. Why stay in contact with the Club. The next trip is yours.