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Celebrating the new face of our club

Dear members and friends,
Our club has a new ‘ face’ of the building located in Gazi !
Two adventurous young people with vast experience and a long history in graphic design , deposit all their talent by painting awesome car models in front of the Club .
Chris and Nick did a great job and we would like to reward them with a good night ( something like openings ) in our Club .
We therefore call on Friday 5/30/2014 in the evening to have a drink and be happy – enjoy the work of children have created a new ” face” to our building .
We expect all of our friends to see this special night.
On behalf of the Board

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Aris Skamnelos

Dear members and friends,
Aris Skamnelos after unequal battle with the damned disease , today put forth the 2CV ‘s soul goes to meet God in the heavens .
Ariw was one of our best and oldest members of our club , and many personally was one of his best friends .
He worked and loved our club as minimal. He was one of the pillars and Chairman of the 13th World Meeting of 2CV Friends Scotina we organized in 1999 .
We’ve come miles and miles in Greece and abroad with the 2CV with him , and had the most enjoyable moments with unfailing humor and laughter .
For us it is always there and will have him in our hearts .
Good trip our friend !
Our sincere condolences to Popi Zinelis partner and spouse and children of Fotis and Paris .
The funeral of Aris will take place tomorrow, Saturday 05.17.2014 at 15:00 in St. Tryphon Pallini.
Personally, I never thought that I would get in position to write the above words of one of my best friends .
On behalf of the Board
Dimitris Amourgis

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Impressions from the day’s ride at Elefsis (04/05/2014).

Dear members and friends,
Our club under the program “Discovering the Attic ” held a one day ride at Eleusis in the archaeological site with the participation of 13 cars.

Specifically , we started two meeting points ( Thriassion Hospital , Haidari weighbridge ) , and the two teams met outside the archaeological site .

Vana Seferiadou took us to the tour , starting with a good analysis of the cult of the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone in this area . The duration of this introduction lasted about an hour with full commitment by all attendees .

Then we drove to the area where the ritual stayed absolutely amazed by the location of the marble columns that surround it .

Follow our visit to the museum, which has several very interesting findings and representations in clay amphorae from mythology .

At the end of the visit we gathered in convoy and crossed the town of Eleusis, where we went to the pine forest of St. George after the junkyard in a beautiful spot for picnics and other activities involving children .

In the afternoon , after some good food and wine , we took the road back , completely satisfied once again ride from the club .

Promised to attend all of the following that will be the National Meeting weekend of the Holy Spirit (7 , 8, 09.06.2014 ) which will be announced soon.

On behalf of the Board

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