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Tree planting, cutting the cake O.F.O.E.S.E.-O.X.N.E

Dear members ,
Our club is for many years a member of the Federation and naturalistic hiking clubs and each year we participate with our delegation in the cake cutting (attached circular – call ) .
This year the Board Federation decided to make the cake cutting and tree planting in mountain Hymettus at ” Koutalas .” Our club will participate in this beautiful event with all members and their cars who want to come to participate in this action and then do a very nice walk with food on Hymettus .
We will meet Sunday at 10:30 am at the entrance of the Military Hospital of Aviation 251 ( 2nd in series at the anode current Mesogheion ) and will depart with the guidance of Vana Seferiadou to visit with our cars position ” Koutalas ” to participate in tree planting and the cake cutting .
We believe that it is a very nice event and our club will participate in and present with members in an ecological energy in need Mount Hymettus to the devastating fires that have occurred in recent years .
In case of inclement weather (rain ) the event will be postponed .
On behalf of the Board

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Technical seminar, exhibition and market new types of club

Dear members and friends,

At the initiative of our member and General Secretary of the Board Antonis Koulouris will be held on Friday, 07.02.2014 at 21:00 technical seminar

for basic service 2CV engine with the following topics :

· Change the spark plugs ,

· Set -platinum

· Set Havana

· Setting valves

· General checks proper functioning engine.

On the occasion of our meetings , there will be a report on the new species of club where you can make your purchases to the following articles :
· Hooded mark the club in black – orange , price 20 €.

· Collector mug club , price 5 €.

· Document holder car ( license , insurance , MOT checklist , diploma, etc ) to mark the club , price 4 €.

For members and friends who are in the province or they can not come from the offices – the club lounge , you can send us your order and your address via email and send you the above items with delivery or otherwise wish .
Below you will find pictures of the items.
We expect all of you to spend a nice evening.




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